Good afternoon. On October 24th, IWS is co-sponsoring a golf outing with the NFLA, Caring For Kids, and the Deborah Hospital.

The Red White and Blue celebrity charity golf tournament is a partnership between the NFL Alumni and our Partners at IWS, Integrated Wealth Strategies, to show our support for first responders. It is a patriotic effort to help children of FBI and Police battling cancer. Philadelphia’s hospitals are world renowned for their care when families need it most. Casey’s Companions is a 501(c)3 that helps families traveling to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with transportation, lodging, and a home cooked meal. It is a perfect match for our mission of Caring for Kids. Deborah Hospital offers free Heart, Lung, and Sleep Apnea care for NFLA members. In fact, no patient receives an out-of-pocket bill for their services. They are a recipient because the hospital meets our mission of Caring for Our Own. A generous donation is also given to Athletes for Vets to support military families for obvious reasons.

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