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We have found there is a better way! Being proactive and coordinating strategies reduces inefficiencies and creates wealth.

Our research has proven that there are a number of strategies for business owners and individuals that go beyond traditional retirement and basic tax plans. In many cases these strategies can be customized to create a favorable tax environment and to maximize net income. Being proactive and planning before events happen creates positive tangible results. Our goals are to create effective solutions that reduce market risk, reduce costs, and increase net income,


Joseph C. Maniaci Jr.

The owner of Maniaci Consulting Group Inc. He has 17 years of experience with financial and insurance consulting. He has maintained his insurance and fixed asset licenses in NJ since 1999 and is LEAP Systems trained. After 10 years as a Vice President with Guardian Life and Park Avenue Securities he opened his own consulting company, Maniaci Consulting Group. Joe received his B.S. in finance and minor in economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1999.



Donald Bicking, CPA/CTC

The owner of Donald S. Bicking & Associates, PC, a full service accounting firm located in Cherry Hill, NJ. Don has been preparing personal and corporate income taxes since 1993, and opened his accounting practice full time in 2004. He graduated from Wesley College in 1993 with a B.S. in accounting and minor in economics.

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